[#CONSOLAB] [#RETAILING] Why technology is key to the future of Smart Retailing? #smart #retailing #FMCG #technology (29/11/2018)

By Betch Wright, November 27 2018, Just-Style

"The new consumer is about I, myself, and me" (Jorgi Abraham)

The digital disruption of the apparel industry from manufacturing to retail is being driven by virtual reality, 3D modeling, artificial intelligence and voice technology. So to be successful in the future, companies along the supply chain must embrace these new tools to better connect with consumers. 


In fact, the very definition of retailing is going through change, he adds, with the retailer no longer acting as a physical link between the manufacturer and the ultimate consumer. Instead, manufacturers can sell through portals like Amazon, or direct via their own websites.

But the one constant seems to be "whether online or offline, whether through an intermediary or direct, the consumer is looking for some kind of an experience when shopping".



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