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#Promiseconsulting #Consolab: CHINE AFTER #COVID-19 – WAVE 2

Published by the 28 April 2020

Priority to utilitarian spending and those that contribute to a return to normalization, the luxury sector still broadly lackluster. Wave 2 in China of an international tracking called “#COVID-19: Tracking the Rebound” jointly led by Promise Consulting | Panel On The Web and Alliance Bernstein. Results issued from 600 people, from higher social professional categories, interviewed between April 06 and April 10, 2020 in the largest cities of China.

Promise consulting a consulting Company, and Panel On The Web, an institute for marketing, consumer, and opinion research, interviewed 600 Chinese people, living in urban areas and belonging to the 10% of households with the highest income, between 04 and April 10, 2020. These questions were asked as part of an International Tracking on the perspective for a rebound in household consumption in the World, following the #covid-19 crisis: • Frequency with which individuals were engaged in a variety of economic, cultural, and social activities before the Coronavirus crisis. • Slowdown in each of these activities compared to the rate before the Coronavirus health crisis. • Anticipation of a back to normal in the next 15 days. These three indicators are measured using standardized scales, allowing a comparison of the results of a fortnightly wave with the other, and the followup of a global indicator by country and wave, called “Rebound Index.” This is the 2nd wave for China.

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